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The Religious Education Programme
To fulfil our aims and objectives we use the ‘Come & See’ programme of Religious Education recommended by the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

Overview of Content
The ‘Come and See’ programme has its core three basic questions and the three Christian beliefs that are the Church’s response in faith.

Where do I come from?              Life – Creation

Who am I?                                Dignity – Incarnation

Why am I here?                         Purpose – Redemption

In ‘Come and See’ these questions are considered in the light of the Scriptures and Tradition of the Church.

‘Come and See’ is developed through three themes based on documents of the Second Vatican Council. They are Church, Sacrament and Christian Living.

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What's On

  • WORLD BOOK DAY 5th March 2020 All Day Event


    Children can come into school dressed as their favorite book character or alternatively wear pyjamas and bring their favorite bedtime story.  children will receive a £1 book token which can be used at our upcoming book fair (TBA)

  • Y5/Y6 Good Shepherd 12th March 2020 All Day Event

    Y5/Y6 Good Shepherd

  • Y3/Y4 Good Shepherd 19th March 2020 All Day Event

    Y3/Y4 Good Shepherd